CafergotYou may be using Cafergot for treating headaches. You will have to make sure you always take it only after you have talked to your doctor. It's important to remember that patients with uncontrolled high blood pressure, chest pain, a history of a heart attack or stroke, coronary artery disease, a history of heart disease or blood circulation problems, or those using imatinib, antidepressants, HIV/AIDS medicine, isoniazid, antibiotics, antifungals, conivaptan, blood pressure medications or diclofenac should not be taking Cafergot. Pregnant women should refrain from the treatment because Cafergot can harm an unborn child, while those with kidney disease, coronary artery disease, high blood pressure, family history of coronary artery disease, high blood pressure, breathing problems, high cholesterol, diabetes or liver disease should discuss their treatment with their doctor.

Make sure you take the right dose of Cafergot and never take too much of it. If you ever take too much, you will need to seek emergency medical help and report symptoms like drowsiness, seizure, blue-colored fingers or toes, weak pulse, tingling, vomiting, numbness, fainting or confusion. You can keep taking Cafergot if you get a few mild side effects like vomiting, spinning sensation, weakness, dizziness, nausea or mild itching. If you are planning to start any new medications, make sure you report them to your doctor, especially diet pills, blood pressure medications, nitroglycerin, cold or allergy medications, ADHD, stimulants, zileuton, nicotine, birth control pills or antidepressants.

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